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Casual beach shoes

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    Our shoes help people suffering from heel or feet pain, as well as diabetes, arthritis, etc.

    Our orthopaedic sandals provide a solution for anyone who has trouble finding a shoe that fits right. pied.

    They help with the alignment of the feet and legs, increase comfort and help to relieve heel pain.

    Our Orthopedic Sandals are designed to provide an unprecedented level of comfort.

    Spreads the pressure out equally

    Corrects bad posture

    Offers an exceptional level of comfort even during long treks

    Change your shoes to save your feet

    Our orthopedic sandals are specially designed so that your feet stay comfortable and in good shape, all the while staying stylish with this elegant sandal !

    The sandals correct bad posture and eliminate muscular imbalances by positioning your feet at the exact natural angle.

    Characteristics :

    Less pain : Eliminate pain from flat feet, bad walking posture and plantar fasciitis Corrects posture : Straightens out the hips, correct the alignment of the knees and

    remove and muscular imbalances simply by repositioning your feet.

    Spread the pressure out equally : Ensures that the weight is distributed uniformly over the toes, the sole and the heel.

    A visible difference right away

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    Casual beach shoes

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    Casual beach shoes